Information about MerchVice

How it works

How it works

Buyer protections:

Every purchase on MerhVice is covered by two layers of Protection: Paypal Purchase Protection and MerchVice Protection. This means that as a buyer you’ll receive a full refund in situations where your order never arrives, your item is inauthentic, or your item differs significantly from its listing. The same goes for a seller in a situation like resolving a disputed chargeback.

If Paypal Purchase Protection is unable to resolve your claim or if you’re outside the 180 day new claim period, Grailed Protection will take over. It never expires. No dispute goes unresolved.

Having a Paypal account allows us to verify both the seller and the buyer to ensure a valid transaction. Please note that non-Paypal checkout purchases are not protected by MerchVice Protection or PayPal Purchase Protection.